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Congratulations on your decision to make a new start and for choosing ABLS, Inc. to help you! This  form is designed to help you organize the information that will be needed to complete the actual legal documents required for filing your divorce.  Please answer all questions and fill in all blanks as completely as possible.  Don't worry if you're not sure of what to put in a space.  For instance,  If there are things you don't understand or  that are undecided such as a visitation schedule or how to split up assets or debts. Just fill in what you can, and , if necessary,  we'll call you to discuss those areas in order to complete your filings.  We don't give you legal advice; but, perhaps  we can answer your questions so that you can decide what information you need or what decisions you may need to make.  We'll help you make it EASY, QUICK & INEXPENSIVE! We'll guide you through the process so you don't have to waste money on  costly attorneys.
I.   Residence:
1.  Your Name:____________________________ ( Husband / Wife) Your D.O.B._______
Spouse's Name:_________________________________  Spouse's D.O.B.__________
If Wife's Maiden Name is to be restored, list exact name here_______________________
2.  Your Current Address:
     Hm. Phone:______________  Wk. Phone:_______________ Soc. Sec. ___________
IF there are questions we need to discuss, what is the best time of day to reach you?_____

3.  How long have you lived in the state in which you'll be filing your divorce?____________
     What County do you live in? _________________ This is where you'll file your divorce.
4.  Spouse's Address: Street:____________________________City_______________State______Zip_____
     Hm. Phone:______________  Wk. Phone:_______________ Soc. Sec. #_________
5.  How long has your spouse lived at their present address?_______________________
6.  Parties last lived as husband and wife in (City / State) ___________________/______.

II.  Statistics:
A.  Date of Marriage:___________  
B.  Place Married: (City / County / State)_____________________/______________________/ _______
C.  Date  of Separation (If applicable): ___________________

III.  Declaration Regarding Minor Children of this Marriage (Natural or Adopted) Check or fill in blank.
A.  There are no minor children.__________.    
B.  The wife is pregnant and the due date is___________.
C.  The wife is not  pregnant____________.
D.  The minor children (under age 18) are:
Name:                    DOB:        Age:    Sex:    Place of Birth:    Social Sec. #

List here the dates and addresses the minor children have lived at for the last five years or back to their date of birth if the child is less than 5 years old.  If the children were separated and resided at different places or if you just need more space, fill out a separate sheet of paper and show such information in this same format for each child.

From:  /  To      Address: Street, City, State, Zip (if known)    Name and address of person                                                                                                             child resided with & Relation.

E.  Some thoughts & Information on shared parental responsibilities & joint custody situations:

    Normally both parents retain full parental rights and responsibilities with any minor children.  That is to say that they both have input into major decisions in the child's life and both have the responsibility to support the child.  In this instance, one party is designated as the primary residential or custodial parent and the other party is the secondary residential parent who receives visitation with the minor child; but, who still has input into the rearing of the child. ( This is for major decisions that involve things like school, religion and major medical treatment in all but emergency situations where either party will have the right to authorize any emergency care that may be needed.).  The secondary residential parent usually pays some child support to the primary residential parent for the child's benefit.

    In some cases, very few; however, both parties work schedule and other factors mesh together where it makes sense for the child to spend as much time with one parent as the other parent and then the Court may approve a joint custody arrangement.  This could happen where one parent works a 3 or 4 day week opposite the other parent's 3 or 4 day week schedule.  As you can see, this doesn't happen in may cases and the Court's are reluctant to approve this arrangement if you're trying to force it.

Now, Check One:
Primary residence of minor children will be with the: (Check one:).  Wife ___ or Husb.___.
Both parents will have joint custody and jointly make major decisions involving the children, check here___.
Or, If only one parent is to have sole custody and the other parent is not to be involved in making major decisions  involving the children, check here_____ and tell why:__________________  

Or, If all parental rights should be taken from one of the parents because of certain abuses or problems that endanger the child or children explain why here: (Just mark N/A in the  blank if this is not applicable):

As Mutually Agreed Between the parties:_____(Check Here); or, Other____( Check Here & Explain Below)

If more space is needed for visitation privileges,( check here):___ & use the reverse side of this page: OVER>

The court strives for an equitable division of all joint assets and obligations; but may vary according to ability to pay and certain other factors.  The following will help you decide how things might best be divided to benefit both parties and to minimize the time and expense that would be involved if you don't come to an agreement have to hire attorneys for each party and have the case tried in court before a judge who will make the decisions for you.  REMEMBER;  No one else is as concerned about your situation as you are. THIS APPLIES TO BOTH OF THE PARTIES IN THE DIVORCE ACTION! And,  even though there may be strong feelings of dislike or anger between the parties, IT IS ALWAYS QUICKER,  LESS EXPENSIVE AND FAIRER TO BOTH PARTIES IN THE LONG RUN IF YOU CAN AGREE ON HOW TO DIVIDE YOUR ASSETS AND LIABILITIES.   IF YOU WILL COMPROMISE A LITTLE NOW, YOU BOTH WILL HAVE MORE TO KEEP FOR YOURSELVES

1.  Do you have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?  Yes __ or No __  If so, attach copy to this form.

2. Have you and your spouse decided on a division of your assets and obligations?  Yes____ or No____  If so, Attach list.  HINT: First, List all your debts. You'll find that most assets have some type of debt attached and this will help you quickly identify the debts and assets you need to divide at the same time. Use this Format:

Creditor                Type Debt                    Mo. Pymt.         Balance         Asset Value   Who pays

Capital Mortgage    Mort. Marital home      $750.00        $75,000.00     $95,000.00        W
Nations Bank        Wife's visa                       $  50.00        $  1,500.00                                 W
Federal CU        Wife's '97Saturn                $200.00      . $  7,000.00      $  7,500.00        W
First Fed. Bank    Husb. 99 Chevy               $350.00        $  8,850.00      $  9,900.00        H
Union Bank        Husb. Mastercard              $  40.00        $  1,400.00                                  H

Be sure to identify anything not obvious.  For example:  like the fact the Wife will be selling the House and splitting the net proceeds after the sale with the Husband 60% to Wife 40% to Husband.  Or, Wife will keep the house and take out a second mortgage to pay the Husband his $5,000.00 equity, or, Wife will pay Husband $100.00 per month for 50 months, beginning 1st month after final judgment, to compensate him for his share of the equity.  You get the idea.  If it's not obvious, tell us about it.  Also List Here Any Info. About Debts or Assets You and the Spouse Have Been Unable To Agree Upon Dividing Up. The Court can decide for you.

If you don't know the information below for your spouse, just write D/K in the blank space and your spouse will just have to disclose the information later to you and the Court.
WIFE'S GROSS INCOME                                      HUSBAND'S GROSS INCOME
(Before Deductions):                                                (Before Deductions):

Salary or Wages:               _______________    Salary or Wages:              ________________
Other Income: (Source):   _______________     Other Income: (Source):   ________________
Other Income: (Source):   _______________     Other Income: (Source):   ________________
Other Income: (Source):   _______________     Other Income: (Source):   ________________
Total Gross Income:         _______________      Total Gross Income:        _________________
Primary Employer: ____________________      Primary Employer:_____________________
Address: ___________________________      Address:____________________________
Job Title / Position:____________________       Job Title /Position:_____________________
List any Deductions from your pay and give reason and amount:
___________________________________        _____________________________________
___________________________________        _____________________________________
___________________________________        _____________________________________

Now, List all monthly living expenses:    
                                                                                    Wife's               Husband's
Mortgage or Rent:
Cable TV:
Gas for Auto:
Auto Ins.:
Health Ins.( For yourself):
Health Ins.( For children):
Life Ins.:
Uninsured medical or Dental Expenses:
Clothing ( yourself )
Clothing ( children )
Child care costs:
Any other expenses you might think of:
____________________________        ___________        _____________
____________________________        ___________        _____________
____________________________        ___________        _____________
____________________________        ___________        _____________
____________________________        ___________        _____________
____________________________        ___________        _____________

* If shown above as deductions from paystubs, Don't relist here!

B.  CHILD SUPPORT AGREEMENT: If you answered there are no minor children above - skip this section.  (Fill in the Blanks.):
If you and your spouse have agreed on a reasonable  amount of child support to be paid, fill it in below:  If you don't agree on an amount, the Court will decide what it thinks is reasonable.  If you want the Court to decide, leave the spaces blank below and check here - LET THE COURT DECIDE: ________.

The _________________ agrees to pay $__________per month to the_________________ for the purpose of child support until such time as the oldest child reaches 18 years of age.  At that time payments will be reduced to $___________ per month until such time as second oldest child reaches 18 years of age and will remain at that level until such time as the youngest child of this marriage reaches 18 years of age unless there are such extenuating circumstances that either party seeks a court ordered modification of this arrangement.

C.  ALIMONY: (If Applicable - If there is no alimony request or agreement just X out this section.).   If you have agreed on alimony, fill in the blanks below:
The _____________agrees to pay to the ____________ $___________per  month for alimony for a period of ____________________________________________________

Or, If you want the Court to look at setting alimony at a level the Court deems reasonable, Check here:___ and
state who is requesting the alimony and how much they're requesting here:_____________

V.  This Dissolution (Divorce) is based on the fact that: (Check one)
This marriage is irretrievably broken._____; or, One of the parties has been certifiably mentally ill for a period of 3 years or more._____; or Other(explain):__________________________________________________


I/we understand that the preparers at ABLS are nonlawyers, and, they have not in any way represented themselves to be attoneys.  I/we understand that nothing I/we may have read, herein, nor, any communication that I/we may have had with ABLS and/or their personell is to be considered as legal advice.  Further, if I/we desire to get legal advice, we should consult an attorney who is lawfully allowed to give legal advice.

Petitioner: ______________________________    Date:_________    

Respondent:____________________________     Date:_________

COMMENTS, QUESTIONS OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Just attach an additional sheet of paper.

Mail  this completed worksheet with your money order for just $149.00 for a divorce with no children that is uncontested; or, that you and your spouse have agreed on some of the issues and decided to let the Court decide the others.  
Mail this completed worksheet with you money order for just $ 179.00 for a divorce with children that is uncontested; or, that you and your spouse have agreed on some of the issues and decided to let the Court decide the others.  
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P.S. If necessary,  we will contact you to clarify any questions, then complete & return your documents, usually, within less than 7 business days from the date we receive your worksheet & payment. For fast response - List E-mail Address here:  ________________

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