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About Us
A BETTER DIVORCE SERVICE is a Division of ABLS, located at: 1857 Wells Rd., Ste. 232-A, Orange Park, FL 32073.  Our other websites are:


We've helped more than a thousand clients successfully prepare and process their own divorces, paternity suits, custody and child support cases as well as hundreds of bankruptcies.

WE CAN HELP YOU TOO!  First, you need to understand the what the actual divorce process involves so that you can understand how simple it can be, and, how you really can do your own divorce, and, for just a  few hundred dollars instead of thousands.  We are nonlaywers, not attorneys, and don't give legal advice; but, we take your information and professionally prepare your documents so you can file them with your local court and proceed with your divorce without the expense of attorneys.

Every divorce, except one in which one party defaults*, whether contested (parties don't agree on some or all of the issues); or, uncontested ( parties agree on basically all the issues.) requires that some form of the following documents be prepared and filed with the Court in the county in which one of the parties resides.

Petition, Answer or Answer & Waiver (if uncontested), A Marital Settlement Agreement (if uncontested), 2 Financial Affidavits, 2 Mandatory Disclosure Notices, 2 Social Security Number Notices, A Military or Nonmilitary Notice, A Final Judgment & usually a Motion To Set Hearing.  

We prepare these for you to sign and you simply file them with the clerk and you'll be notified of your hearing date, and, in an uncontested case, usually, only the petitioner (the party who is asking the court for the divorce) has to attend a very brief hearing lasting about 10 minutes or less.

Additionally, in some contested cases, a summons is needed, and, in cases with children, a UCCJA and child support worksheet is usually required.

A Better Divorce prepares your documents, you sign your name & file them with the clerk, then, you attend a brief hearing in chambers and your divorce is granted.  It's that simple; so, WHY WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ATTORNEYS?