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We're not lawyers & we don't give legal advice.  By law, only lawyers are allowed to do that.  However, by giving you a little basic information on how simple it is to do your own divorce when we help you prepare your documents,  WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND MAKE THE DIVORCE LESS STRESSFUL!

Some years ago, a singer had a hit song about divorce whose lyrics said: " She got the gold mine and I got the shaft".  The truth of the situation is this:  Both parties are going to need to compromise on some issues or both parties are going to get the shaft!  No one, including the judge who is going to make the decisions for you, if you don't work things out and reach an agreement, cares as much about your situation as you do!!

I'm reminded of a couple who came to my office and told me they started out to get an uncontested divorce a year prior to that office visit.  They told me how they went to an attorney who agreed to do the "uncontested" divorce for about $1,000.00 dollars, but he wanted another attorney to look over the paperwork as the wife's attorney for another $500.00.  However, when the other attorney got involved, the attorneys started to shuffle the papers back and forth and the divorce had wound up costing the husband $4,000.00 and the wife about $3,000.00 to that point and they still had no divorce. The Husband had fired his attorney and the wife wanted to fire her attorney, and both parties wanted to get the divorce and move on with their lives.  They asked me if I could help.  I asked them what they were in disagreement on at this point and they said nothing really.  So, I prepared their Marital Settlement Agreement and Final Judgment.  They presented the judge with both documents  at the motion hearing the Wife's attorney had scheduled to ask the Court to allow him to withdraw from the case, and, the judge signed the Final Judgment at the same hearing.  They were divorced in 30 days after wasting money on attorneys for almost a year.

As I said, the story is true and it illustrates the fact that neither the attorney's, nor, the judge, were as concerned about the successful conclusion of the divorce as the parties involved.  So, remember a little compromise by each of the parties, can make things simpler, fairer and a whole lot quicker and less expensive.
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