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Here's how to quickly, simply and very inexpensively do your own divorce:

1.    Print off our Divorce Information Worksheet on the following page.
    ( Some areas won't apply to you and you'll zip right over those             
    sections so it won't take you very long at all. )

2.    Fill in as completely as possible and mail it to us with your money order-
    Just $149.00 for Uncontested Divorces With No Children.
                - or -
    Just $179.00 for Uncontested Divorces With Children.

3.    Sign the Documents we return to you.

4.     Have your spouse sign their Documents.

5.    Combine both yours & the spouses' documents and make yourselves,
    each a copy of the complete set.

6.    File the originals with the Court Clerk.

7.    The petitioner will be required to attend a brief hearing, usually about 10     
    minutes or less where the Court will examine the documents and grant     
    the divorce.  This is usually held in small private chambers, the judges     
    office, rather than a big courtroom, and, if it's uncontested the respondent
    usually is not required to attend if both parties have signed their Marital     
    Settlement Agreement; however, the Court will usually mail each of you a     
    notice to the hearing.  If you have any question about whether the respondent
    needs to attend, you can ask your clerk.

Mail your Divorce Information Worksheet and your money order to:
1857 Wells Rd., Ste. 232-A
Orange Park, FL 32073

Our phone number is (904) 215-0802 and our 24 hour fax line is (904) 215-9777.

Normal Office Hours Are 10 am to 5 pm eastern time Monday thru Friday.

We really can help you to have: A Better Divorce and A Better Start; but,
you have to take the fist step!


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