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Affordable, EZ - BANKRUPTCY, DIVORCE & More


Our Parent Company, ABLS SERVICES, provides help not only with BANKRUPTCY, but, also with other areas such as:
Powers of Attorney,
Wills, and Living Wills in addition to professional preparation of Bankruptcies.  

Please click here: ABLS SERVICES to visit our master web site where you can get more information on bankruptcy as well as any of the other services we offer.  You'll also find a link there to get your FREE BANKRUPTCY INFORMATION WORKSHEET.

Bankruptcy stops harassment!

Bankruptcy ends money worries!

Bankruptcy helps you accumulate money!

Bankruptcy may even help you rebuild your credit!  And, as a bonus to our clients, we'll  show you how to rebuild your credit more quickly after your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may even save your home from foreclosure; however, it's usually best to file bankruptcy before the process has begun.

Bankruptcy may be your only hope to get out of debt and start fresh and your professional preparers at A BANKRUPTCY SERVICE. COM. will quickly and correctly prepare your case documents.  We recommend that you use our full service preparation packages because even the smallest bankruptcy with 3 or less creditors can still be 40 pages thick.  And, if you make errors in preparing your own bankruptcy, the court may charge you for correcting your initial filing; or, dismiss your case.  But,  We make it easy - and, at a fraction of what you'd pay an attorney.

To help you organize everything you need to properly prepare you bankruptcy, we'll give you a Bankruptcy Information  Worksheet absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.  You're not obligated to use our service; but, of course, we hope you'll choose to use us if you need a Bankruptcy or any of the other services we provide.  Just complete it and mail it to us  with your money order.  Sorry, no credit card orders accepted since we are preparing a bankruptcy which will be discharging your credit card debts. I'm sure you understand that the Credit Card companies don't want to pay us to help you wipe out the debts you owe them.  However, someone may get a cash advance on a card and convert it to money order.  

New Legislation could make it more difficult and much more expensive for you seek relief through the Bankruptcy Courts.  Therefore, we urge you to take advantage of the relief you can get now through bankruptcy instead of postponing the inevitable if you need to file!

A BANKRUPTCY SERVICE.COM  is a professional bankruptcy preparation service dedicated to offering you quality preparation services at affordable prices. After all, if you could afford to pay an attorney $2,000.00 or more, you probably wouldn't need to file bankruptcy. Right?
We are professional technicians who are referred to as "Preparer's" in the Bankruptcy Code. We are not attorneys.  We don't give legal advice!

We can take your information and prepare the documents - complete with filing instructions.  For, our full preparation service, we charge much less than an attorney,  and, we give you the same; or, in some cases, even better quality preparation than an attorney; but, we just don't give legal advice!  Click on any of these links and visit our master website now for your free information worksheets on any of the following topics: Bankruptcy, Divorce, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Wills, Living Wills or Powers of Attorney.  

General Procedural Information

(This Info. Is NOT legal advice; but, is general information that you may find in a number of  books for the general public and available at many major bookstores.)

When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (also known as a straight discharge  which eliminates all your debts; but, allows you to reaffirm certain secured debts on property that you want  to keep)  you usually have to attend one meeting.   It's called a first meeting of creditors and it's usually the only court date you have to attend.  It's a chance  for your secured creditors to ask if you want to reaffirm your debt and keep whatever property they have financed for you.  If you pay an attorney, he may or may not go with you because your portion of this meeting will only last about 2 to 3 minutes and if you can say " yes or no" - you probably won't need and attorney.

When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (also known as a reorganization which lets you keep all your assets and stretches your payments over a 3 to 5 year period.)  you generally have more meetings in order to review your payment plan.